Raptor Versions

Version 3.28
Addressed bug in Any Bell contact not releasing contact closures.
Updated licensing, if updating from a previous version a Key will be needed, please contact tech-support.

Version 3.27
Added creating schedule “from” options.
Moved help.
Cleaned up documentation.
Addressed issue when adding more then 10 audio bridges.

Version 3.16
Upated OL on SPA8800 to include disconnect options.
Updated Scheduling through web interface.
Addressed proviosioning anomolies.
Change startup of VoIP server for new servers.
Addressed premature Page disconnects from DTMF disconnect (normally female voice).
Addressed special event editing/creation from web.
Addressed web restore.
Addressed contact closure during any bell (manual bell) events.

Version 3.12
Addressed issue with small delay on paging using SPA8800 modules.

Version 3.11
Addressed issue with incorrect time when provisioning SPA8800 modules.

Version 3.10
Prefix For Gateways issue
If using an already existing backup folder everything from the folder is removed first.
Added Username/Password validation for gateways.
Addressed issue with invalid page/music.

Version 3.08
Addressed restore bug.

Version 3.07
Added support for provisioning spa8000 (8-analog phone lines).

Version 3.06
Added auto provisioning for the spa8000 (8-analog phone interface).
Addressed issue when changing phone extension number for phones that are auto provisioned.

Version 3.05
Added SMTP using SSL to email options for special event notification email messaging.
Added upgrade option under Main/Help/Updates for checking and installing updates.

Version 3.03
Added Special Event notification to include emailing messages/text and sending audio files to designated phones.
Addressed scheduling issue when using web interface for scheduling.

Version 3.01
Improved reliability and robustness.
Added more descriptive logging details.
Addressed rev b/c speaker card issue related to all page relay.
Schedule creation based on currently selected schedule.
Addressed issue when all contact closures are removed.
Added full integration with new VOIP client SIPion.
Completed integration of RED with Trilo for visual event notification.
Addressed issue with page/intercom modules, requires cycling power on intercom/page modules, if not using auto provisioning
refer to instructions on setting up auto provisioning or call Teradon Inc Tech Support.

Version 2.01
Fixed bug when trying to save a dialing rule that was just added.
Fixed issue with processing call-ins and other events i.e. paging occurring simultaneously during the call-in..sometimes this
would cause a type of “lock-up” of the system.

10/10/2013 Creating new schedules didn’t copy the current schedule as starting point.
Added version 1.98

10/11/2013 Outside Line Auto Prov was not correct
Fixed version 1.98

9/18/2013 Special event bug introduced in version 1.93
Update 1.96
Fixed special event issue.

Update 1.90
Changed the number of RTP ports to 5000 – 16384-21384
Added district wide calling through IVR for gateways….still need to add some dialplan rules to route correctly.
Changed the external and nat sip profiles to not auth-calls, this was needed when dialing through gateway
Added hook in software to catch district wide all calls in the software via IVR.
Added creating dialing rules to help route Gateways such as PRI’s and existing Phone Systems.
Added option for dialing out PRI gateway.
Added support for SIP/Test iphone apps
Added auto-provisioning for the spa3102 modules (page,intercom,outside lines).
Created sending special event messages to Trilo.
Added Latch special event.

Added activation from inside of Raptor and show software activation in web.

Username and password for web interface was static (test, test)
6/10/2013 fixed version 1.87

Fixing Gateway introduced bug…i.e. call-ins didn’t work
5/23/2013 – Fixed version 1.85

Gateway piece has a bug with calling the current machine in conjunction with calling the remote machine i.e. 00111001 dialed 11001 on the 001 machine as well as on the local machine.
5/21/2013: Fixed version 1.84

Raptor Web completed..
5/21/2013: Fixed version 1.84

Issue deleting speaker cards.
5/21/2013 – Fixed version 1.84

Deleting extensions in zones didn’t work correctly, the wrong extensions were deleted.
4/22/2013 – Fixed version 1.81

Changed installation folder of Red from Teradon Industries/Raptor-V… to Teradon Inc/Raptor-V this update also
moves the configuration Folder/Logs from the Teradon Industries folder and deletes the Raptor-V folder under
Teradon Industries.
4/16/2013 – Fixed version 1.79

After adding “All Page” relay there was issues with music coming back after being interrupted by events, such as pages/manual bells etc…There were also issues with intercom events overriding other “page” events such as pages/music/manual bells etc…
4/15/2013: Fixed version 1.75

When contact closures cleared during page events all page relay clears and the zone relays get set instead of leaving the all page relay set.
4/15/2013: Fixed version 1.75

Intercom that is on during bell/manual bell/page plays bell/manual bell/page but if phone is hung up relay opens.
4/8/2013: Appears to fixed version 1.73, tested with development machine and X-lite phone.

Issue when bell/call-in/contact closure happen at the exact same time the speaker card lights correctly but the tone doesn’t play and bells after don’t play either until a circuit reset.
4/8/2013: Fixed version 1.73

Call-in at 7:59:55 and then special event at 7:59:58 the 8:00:00 bell will play the call-in will ring but the special event will not play and the bell will loop indefinitely. Apparently I thought this was fixed, but it was not, I changed how I check for queued events made it more universal and played intercom/emergencies after bell instead of simultaneously..appears to be working going to have Aaron test some more.
4/8/2013: Fixed version 1.73…4/10/2013 version 1.74

Special event about 1sec before call in set to ring the phone the call-in rang the special event fired but the relays stuck on.
4/8/2013: Fixed version 1.73.

All pages to just set the all page relay for power reasons.
4/9/2013: version 1.73

Queued Bells continuously played when they were queued during a music event.
4/4/2013: Fixed version 1.72.

Emergency call-ins didn’t have a call-id of EMERGENCY
4/3/2013: Fixed version 1.71.

Special Events took to long to process, like 6 seconds
4/3/2013 : Fixed version 1.71. kept track of special events in comm processing and if call-in is special process call-in event immediately.