Raptor Blue Versions

Version 3.06
Provided busy tone when calling an intercom that is already busy.

used red’s timed event code which eliminated using timers for timed events.
2 Contact closures on the first card close and open at same times fails intermittently.

Raptor 2_23 This update addresses a potential issue related to call-ins being queued instead of going directly through for certain conditions related to phone-phone calls, i.e. if a call-in occurs to ext 8000 while 8000 is on a call with 8001.

Raptor 2_16 released 1/27/2012. This update addresses a potential lock up issue that occurs on Page/Intercom modules which requires a system restart to correct. After the update is applied the Page/Intercom modules will need to be reprogrammed to correct this issue. Additionally a new feature has been included which allows users to upload .mp3 files to then be used in bell schedules etc. If you are uncomfortable programming modules please call tech-support or your authorized Teradon distributor.

Raptor 2_09 released 4/8/2011 includes ensuring the pre-announce tone occurs during an intercom as well as settings for programming the extension on “outside line” modules to ignore flash settings, if you have a system in which intercom’s lock-up (in particular with an extension connected to an outside line modue, i.e. 8002 – call tech support for support in determining if your system has this issue) you might need to update the software and re-program the outside line module using this version or later, if you are uncomfortable programming modules please call tech-support or your authorized Teradon distributor.

Raptor 2_07 released 3/11/2011 includes a fix for systems which “randomly” lock up. The lock-up this version addresses are due to network settings changing, the changes that lead to the lock-up can occur in either network ports and in a variety of ways possibly unbeknown to the user, i.e. ip address changed on the public network through dhcp, etc. One possible symptom of this failure is a message on the x-lite phone stating that there is a registration failure.

Raptor 1_97 release 9/10/2010. This update includes new features that allows outside line modules to be routed to either the Automated Attendant or up to 3 phones on the system in either a roll-over or simultaneous fashion. The update also include the option to pre-append a digit when dialing out of a particular outside line. If you are upgrading from a version less than 1.96 in order to take advantage of routing outside line bridges the outside line modules will need to be reprogrammed with latest version.

Raptor 1_94 released 7/22/2010 includes a fix for changing the automated attendant greeting on 64-bit systems.

Raptor 1_93 released 6/13/2010 includes improved intercom/call-in volume levels. If you are experiencing low classroom audio levels during intercom/call-in this update should increase the audio level to a more suitable level. Once this update is installed on a system each “intercom” module will need to be reprogrammed with it’s appropriate settings (extension/time zone), the reprogramming should only be done by a Raptor V certified tech.

Raptor 1_91 released 5/3/2010 includes a new feature that queues music. If a page, bell, special-event, or manual bell occurs when music is being played the music will be automatically restarted once the interrupting event is finished. In order for music to be restarted Auto-Answer on the X-lite phone must be enabled, which is done by clicking on the “AA” option on the X-lite phone (if Auto-Answering is enabled the AA option will be yellow). This version also allows page zone numbers to be assigned to the first available, i.e. if a zone that was using 001 is deleted, 001 will be assigned to the next newly created zone.

Raptor 1_90 released 4/23/2010 addresses the issue of receiving no audio (unless the person is loud) from room during and intercom.

Raptor 1_89 release 4/13/2010 keeps system log from growing prohibitively large.

Raptor 1_86 release 2/2/2010 added support for privacy switches.

Raptor 1_85 fixed bug in saving web settings.

Released 12/11/2009 the Raptor 1_83 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software. This update includes an update that addresses the error that occurs in the bell schedule when a tone is deleted from the manual bell configuration page and prevents the user from editing schedules. Click here to download the latest version.

Raptor 1_82 is compatible with all Windows 7 and Vista operating systems.

The Raptor 1_80 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software. This update includes an update for systems that experience a locking up of the intercom circuit because the operator places the phone in “flash” mode (quick hangup and release) then proceeds to call another room extension thereby forwarding the intercom module to the intercom module – there’s no way to hang-up this conference once this has been done except by dialing 3999#. This update requires a reprogramming of the intercom/page modules whose phone lines are used as extensions.

The Raptor 1_79 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software this update includes a critical update for systems that experience a lock-up due to a “system IO resource in use” on the serial port. If your system log is becoming prohibitively large such that the Raptor software locks up and won’t re-open as the memory it takes to run the software grows continuously till it shuts down, then this version will most likely fix the shutdown you are experiencing. Click here to download the latest version

The Raptor V 1_74 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software which includes an feature that plays the busy-beep file whenever and intercom/page/music/manual bell cannot be connected because the circuit(s) is busy. To use this feature the busy-beep.wav file needs to be included as a bell tone. To add this bell to the Raptor Bell Tones click on the Audio Configuration icon from the Raptor Start page and then inside of the Manual Bells and Tones Form select “Add Tone” and navigate to the location that the busy-beep.wav file was downloaded to.

The Raptor V 1_72 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software which includes an update that addresses the Engine Stopped condition that occurs when a call-in from a room extension that begins with zero(s) is answered.

The Raptor V 1_70 zip file contains the latest .msi for the Raptor V Software which includes updates that address the following: Prevents serial errors from occurring when the ports are being reset for example after a serial error message. Fixed extension error which could occur when adding a new speaker cards, i.e. duplicate extensions. Added restore check, that checks and makes sure the restore directory is valid before attempting a restore. Fixed extension error that occurs if the user was editing a cell and closed the room zone configuration page before leaving the cell. Fixed call-in/music issue, call-in’s weren’t processed correctly if music was playing. Provided unlimited number of simultaneous/queued call-in’s previously this was set at 10.