Galaxy Platform


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When timing is critical, rapid communication in line with your school districts emergency protocol is paramount.

The Galaxy Platform may be upgaded with new features and funcionailty at anytime via Software Modules. Unlike our competing systems we NEVER require Recurring Fees for Software or IP Endpoint upgrades and mainatance! This is a primary reason why were a preferred partner of  schools, hospitals, government facilities, & institutions across the country!

  • Infinite Upgrade Options Via Military Grade Server
  • Integrates With Existing Fire, Security, Access Control Gun Shot Dectection Ect.
  • Custom Mapping Interface
  • 3 Simultaneous active event schedules
  • Web based System Change
  • 25/70V Analog or IP Hybrid Configurations

With standard features like global communication, an entire government installation, school district, or city can be alerted of potential disasters by supervisors from a phone on the network or while on the go from their smart phone.

help-buttonWith the simple press of a single button, a facility, campus, or complex can be notified and completely locked down.

Using our Distrix solution, a School District or any global entity can connect to any number of legacy paging systems and have instant Command & Control communications via our CastNET Web Broswer anywhere in the world! This allows automated or on-the-fly annoucements, alerting everyone immediately of a pending or eminent threat such as an intruder, terrorist activity, or even serious changes in weather conditions. Communications can also be zoned using our Geo-Fence feature to alert only schools within a pretermined radius of a specific threat.

Add Video Messaging


With the new added features afforded by our new HD Override HDOV module, emergency video display messages can be broadcast to to existing flat panel monitors throughout a facility. This may be used to aid hearing impaired individuals as well as allow for special instructions and warnings to be displayed in conjunction with a specific audio message.

Vertical Markets

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Corrections
  • Amusement Parks
  • Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Commercial & Industrial