About Us

ThreeSixty has been focused on protecting our most precious resources for more than 20 years. ThreeSixty, previously known as Teradon Industries, a software based Content Distribution and Classroom Media Management manufacturing company based in beautiful Albuquerque, NM. The concept behind the distribution and management was to develop a user friendly, software driven system to deliver content to the classroom. The idea and product delivery was so well received and adopted that Teradon was approached to design a flexible, software driven school intercom and paging system. The intercom system became a huge success and led to the development of other products and the expansion into a national competitor in the communications marketplace.

Purchased in 2012 by ThreeSixty Engineered Building Solutions, the focus has been to be at the forefront of communications technology by taking already established products such as the Raptor V, Titan, and Alectro systems and adding many new adaptations designed specifically for commercial or security applications. Whether your needs are IP paging, analog intercom and paging, multi-site global communication, Audio Enhancement systems, or Digital Signage solutions, ThreeSixty has a product to meet your needs. With the ever changing developments in the Mass Notification / Emergency Communications industry, ThreeSixty has become a real-world solution for many vertical markets internationally.

With Installations in schools, prisons, airports, and assistive living facilities, ThreeSixty’s sales staff and its network of premier strategic partners are confident they have a solution designed with you in mind.

Contact ThreeSixty today to find out how you can become a part of this rapidly growing market.