ThreeSixty offers a full line of speakers and 25V and 70V speakers. Please contact your local ThreeSixty dealer to find a speaker solution that meets your specific needs. Most common Speaker Assemblies listed below.


TQS2001 Call-In Rocker Switch w/ Wires
TQC10 Wall Mnt Vol Control – Stainless Steel Single Gang 20W,10 Step
TQCK1 Spkr/Clk Surface Mnt Sapling Analog 5W 25/70 White – Req TQSE9W
TQH16T Compression Horn 16W 25/70
TQS3 Sq Slanted Wall/Surface Mount 8″ Spkr 5W 25/70V White – Complete Assy.
TQS21 8″ Hard Lid Ceiling Speaker 5W 25/70 White – Complete Assy.
TQS01 8″ Drop Ceiling Spkr Assy. incl. Bridge 5W 25/70 White – 1 PAIR
TQS02 8″ Drop Ceiling Spkr Assy. w Bridge & Vol 5W 25/70 White – 1 PAIR
TQS6 Paging Horn Sq BB & Grill – 16W 25/70 Vandal Resistant White
TQS6SS Page Horn Stainless Steel; Grill – 16W 25/70 VP Moisture Resistant White
TQSE9W Surface Back Box for TQCK1
TQS12 2×2 Lay In Speaker Assembly 5oz 5W 25/70 White