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When timing is critical, rapid communication is paramount. The Galaxy Global Communication & Security System is the primary method of choice for schools, hospitals, government facilities, & institutions needing to get their messages out fast.

  • Global Communication & Security
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Up to 999 Paging Zones
  • 3 Simultaneous active event schedules
  • Web based emergency paging
  • Unlimited user defined schedules


With standard features like global communication, an entire government installation, school district, or city can be alerted of potential disasters by supervisors from a phone on the network or while on the go from their smart phone.

help-buttonWith the simple press of a single button, a facility, campus, or complex can be notified and completely locked down.


Using Automated Messaging, you can now notify everyone immediately of a pending or eminent threat such as an intruder, terrorist activity, or even serious changes in weather conditions when it matters most.

Add Video Messaging


With the new added features afforded by our Trilo System, emergency video dis-play messages can be transmitted. This may be used to aid hearing impaired individuals as well as allow for special instructions and warnings to be displayed in conjunction with a specific audio message.

  • System to system paging and intercom calls
  • LAN,WAN, VLAN options
  • Multi-site all page from any system phone or SIP client

Vertical Markets

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Corrections
  • Amusement Parks
  • Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Commercial & Industrial