Based on ThreeSixty’s original Compu Bells software, the Belodon provides scheduling and broadcast of any MP3 or Wave audio file from a standard Windows 7® computer to a maximum of 64 zone amplifiers. The Belodon software comes with more than 100 preconfigured tones available for broadcast.

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  • Broadcast to a maximum of 64 zone amplifiers
  • Enhance pre-existing systems using advanced GUI
  • Simple & intuitive zone paging capabilities
  • Zone page capabilities through a standard PC microphone
  • Basic building automation & control


The Belodon software is the most cost effective scheduling application available today. Its ease of use and flexible wiring and programming provides for the integration of almost every special system making it the ideal low cost solution for most any small project.

Relay Control Option


The Belodon software was written to include building control functions. The soft-ware can be used to control the ThreeSixty IC1170 Relay Module. The IC1170 Relay module has (8) 15 amp relays that can interface with other special systems independently or in conjunction with timed events.

  • Over 100 preconfigured tones
  • Unlimited event schedules
  • Safety and security at an affordable price

Vertical Markets

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Corrections
  • Amusement Parks
  • Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Commercial & Industrial